• Released
    Spring 2017
  • Label
  • Catalog
    AAR2 4752


  1. 1Kleztory Freylekh
  2. 2Im Eshkachech
  3. 3Liteul Biteul
  4. 4My Mother's Nigun
  5. 5Little Shepherd's Hora

Airat Ichmouratov clarinet
Dany Nicolas guitar
Elvira Misbakhova violin
Mark Peetsma double-bass
Melanie Bergereon accordion

Program notes

Since time immemorial music has served to express sentiments such as the feelings of love, sadness and joy. Kleztory’s  fifth album, entitled ‘Nigun’ is our way to share, through the music, our most sincere feelings and emotions. Shared first with our loved ones, but then also to share with everyone on the planet, we are hoping to bring an awareness of what is happening in the world and of how precious are the moments in our lives when we are surrounded by our families. We are hoping to remind one more time just how fragile we all are. ‘Nigun’, translated from Hebrew, simply means ‘Melody’. In this album you might find some melodies that bring you to places of happiness and celebration, some melodies might remind you about the joy of singing together with loved ones and some about the deepest emotions of sorrow and loss. Through the expressive language of folk music and our own compositions, we would like to highlight not only the traditions of Jewish culture, but also the human aspects and emotions of every person regardless nationality or religion. Every human equally experiences love, fear, happiness and passion. We are all equal in this world. We only need to learn how to embrace and respect our differences, and Kleztory believes music is great way to start.


“…Dans ce groupe montréalais de réputation internationale, la tension créatrice entre la maîtrise savante et le klezmer plus déluré a toujours animé le répertoire…”

Yves Bernard - Le Devoir