Alexandru Sura

Born in 1980 in Kishinev, Moldova, the talented Alexandru Sura started studing piano at the ‘V. Poleacov’ school of music. Two years later he entered the cimbalom class at Ciprian Porumbescu High School. Since the age of 12, Alexandru has consistently won the top prize in various national and international competitions. At about this time he began to play with some of the most professional and prestigious orchestras in Romania and Moldova including the academic orchestras ‘JOC’ and ‘LAUTARII’. Since having embarked upon his solo career he has given many concerts and recitals of the cimbalom in concert halls such as the National Philharmonic and has toured extensively including appearances in Romania, Austria, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Israel, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Estonia, and Turkey.

Alexandru has an impetus interpretive technique, and a sound with a rare finesse. He is emotional in everything he does, but instills this emotion in a plain musical message for his audience. He is true and persuasive, always winning over the public with the expressiveness of his interpretation. His repertoire is quite rich and varied, ranging from traditional music, folk performances, pre-classical and classical music to the creations of composers of the 20th century. Alexandru joins Kleztory in autumn 2012.